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2013 Dirt Bike Model List
Year Model
2013 CRF50F (CRF50F A3 AC)
2013 CRF80F (CRF80F D3 AC)
2013 CRF100F (CRF100F C3 AC)
2013 CRF110F (CRF110F A3 AC)
2013 CRF150R (CRF150R A3 AC)
2013 CRF150RB (CRF150RB B3 AC)
2013 CRF150F (CRF150F B3 AC)
2013 CRF230F (CRF230F B3 AC)
2013 CRF250L (CRF250L A3 AC)
2013 CRF250R (CRF250R D3 AC)
2013 CRF250X (CRF250X A3 A)
2013 CRF250X (CRF250X A3 AC)
2013 CRF450R (CRF450R A3 AC)
2013 CRF450X (CRF450X H3 AC)
2013 XR650L
2013 XR650L (CALIF ONLY)

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